Justice – Woman


Justice – Woman

Modern pioneers Justice are back with their long anticipated third studio album, Woman.

The duo received much acclaim for their first release,  in 2007, and built upon that success with their flawless second studio album, Audio Video Disco, in 2011.

For the longest time, fans were unsure whether this duo was simply hanging back to plan their next move, or if in fact that they simply had enough of the world of music, and wanted their first two albums to speak for themselves.

Justice fan’s fears were put to rest initially in 2015. The group started teasing the possibility of a new album, and quickly through social media illustrated that the duo was very actively making music. Finally, in September of 2016, Justice released an incredible single, and the album artwork for their this next release, and it was as stunning as we all were hoping it would be.

The anticipation is finally over and fans and critics alike could not be more pleased about this new album, which has been years in the making. Woman stays true to their classic rock and french house influenced sound, but at the same time builds upon the work of their previous studio albums, through having superior production, and more intricate and engaging songwriting. This is one of those albums that you need to listen to at a high volume on a solid sound system in order to appreciate the true dedication Justice have towards their vision.

Justice’s new album is available for streaming and download everywhere. This album was definitely worth the wait, so kick-back and enjoy the experience!