Youtube Rolls Out New Mobile Chat Feature In App!

youtube mobile chat

Youtube Rolls Out New Mobile Chat Feature In App!

Over the years, Android has added and incorporated a number of ways to socialize and talk about the current video you are watching, whether it be the number of various apps Google already provides such as Android Messages, Allo, Duo, Hangouts Chat, and Hangouts Meet.

Now Youtube has decided to roll out a feature to try and keep things in-app with the latest update adding mobile chat. The way mobile chat works is by adding friends via an invitation or SMS text link, you’re able to join a room in where you are able to chat with up to 30 people in one thread.

While deemed as an addition to the sharing feature, the update is more of a messenger app they have added to their repertoire with the end goal being to make things simpler. Youtube released this statement on the new app, “Like chats around the water cooler, shouldn’t sharing a video be as easy as saying, ‘Have you heard this new song?'”

You can try out the feature in the Youtube app on Android & iOS.