Nero Releases Two New Tracks to Mark 28/08

Today is August 28th, or in the British calendar 28/08. As fans of British trio NERO know, 2808 is the year in which their debut album Welcome Reality was set, so to mark this date in the calendar, NERO has released two new songs to drum up anticipation for their next body of work.

The two tracks, “Blade Runner 2049 (Demo)” and “Innocence (Reopened)” bring classic dark NERO vibes and energetic electro-house production. While we only get a taste of “Bladerunner 2049,” it fits right in with what we know and love from the group. The original version of “Innocence” from the Welcome Reality album was a much heavier dubstep influenced track, while their newly released version reimagines it as blistering house track. While vocalist Alana Watson is on leave from touring as she welcomes her child with group member Dan Stephens, the trio assured fans they would remain in the studio creating new music. Last week, their collaboration “Dreams” with Zhu was released, and now we have another taste of what we can expect from NERO in 2017. Check out the two demos below, and let us know what you think!