Indian Port Authorities Catch Illegal Packages Offerings To Rave Enthusiasts

Illegal rave kits

After the much unfortunate commotion related to drugs in Goa, there is again some shocking news from another coast of India. Arrests were made in Kochi, and the smugglers involved were caught selling Rave kits with a Rave trip holiday package. The kits contain MDMA, Hashish and Weed for every individual. A police spokesperson briefing about the arrests said,

“The duo recently sent a group of students from a private law college on the city outskirts to Goa for 25,000 rupees per head. Each tourist was entitled to two grams of MDMA, five grams of hashish, three packets of ganja, besides entry tickets to a rave party, accommodation facilities, and return tickets.”

This is the second incident related to drugs coming out of India in a week’s time. Earlier this month there were fatalities due to Ecstasy overdose in Goa that sparked a spree of arrests and bans on late night parties. Five other arrests were made by the Kochi police in a separate affair. Apparently, they were returning from Goa from one of these Rave trips.

We hope for the drugs to move out and that can only happen if we give ourselves a chance to solely trip on the music. Trip safe.