Gareth Emery’s AMA Confirms that Laserface will be Legendary

Gareth Emery’s AMA Confirms that Laserface will be Legendary 

The trance music genre and lasers have always gone hand in hand creating a sense of perfection as the audience witnesses magic in the making. As the electronic dance music scene continues to evolve, along with technology, there will always be improvements that need to be made when it comes to the beautiful spectacle that is a laser light show. That said, the legendary Gareth Emery and his ingenious laserist, Anthony Garcia, have been working hard at developing a show that’s all focused mainly on lasers. Recently, they have launched an AMA to confirm its upcoming greatness.

The English producer has an absolutely beautiful philosophy in mind; he has once said “A good melody can change the world”. Recently, the talented musician and his world class laserist maestro have announced that this way-of-life can be reinforced with stunning visual affects in which will be even more incredible than anyone has ever seen before.

“How will Laserface compare to an Eric Prydz laser show?”

Answer: “The Prydz show (which is amazing) has many elements, lasers just being one. We’re only [focused] on lasers (i.e.: we aren’t even having LED walls) so I think our lasers should be better.”

I am dying to catch one of your longer sets (5 hour) I know these are few and far between as they are for sure exhausting! What is the best way to know in advance about one of these sets? With enough time to plan I would love to travel and make a mini-vaca out of it!!”

Answer: “New York, laserface, will be one in November! Think that’s the only one on the cards the rest of the year as they are KILLER haha

“Will laser face hopefully come to Australia? Or will you do any shows other than the festival you are here for? When will we see the cvnt5 show and when will we get new music!?”

Answer: “We have thought about a CVNT5 show, the problem is, I’m not really into the music the CVNT5 play (but I love dressing up as them haha). [If] we do a worldwide [roll out] of laserface [Australia] will 100% be on the list, and yep, I think we’re going to do a sideshow

“How do you know when a song is finished? And how do you know when you start to compose one to continue to work on it?”

Answer: “God knows. Finishing is really hard. I spend a stupid amount of time making small tweaks nobody will ever notice

“Do you have any big shows coming up in LA? Similar to EFL and 100 Reasons show last year? Would love to make the trip again!”

Answer: “….. maybe around the end of the year. Not laserface though.”

“When did you find out that music would have been be your life (and your job too)? 
I ask if because I see the spark of fashion in what you do”

Answer: “Probably from 15 or 16 when I was playing in bands, but I enjoy ‘making things’ in most creative fields whether it’s writing words, working on videos, taking pictures… as well as music

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30 minutes to ask me anything. GO!(with priority to anything involving laserface as tickets are on sale today, but all questions considered!)

Posted by Gareth Emery on jueves, 24 de agosto de 2017