Ibiza’s Government Places Stronger Restrictions On Famed Beach Clubs

Ibiza's Mambo Beach Club

Ibiza’s Nightmare Continues: No More DJs At Beach Clubs

A little over a month ago, we had to accept the fact that new laws in Ibiza were considerably starting to affect the nightlife in the island. Now, it seems that the authorities are getting even more strict, as the town hall has forbidden 16 of the most iconic beach clubs to have DJs or live music. The reason? By being beach clubs, many of the establishments in the area locked private spots in their adjacent beaches solely for their clients, not allowing the public and casual beachgoers to step foot on their so called ‘premises’. This, led not only to confusion between tourists that just wanted to be relaxed at the beach, but created also some tension and discomfort, as security is said to have been a bit aggressive when removing people from the designated areas.

The list of beach clubs affected by this new rule is definitely hitting some of the most important daily venues such as the Blue Marlin, Bora Bora and Nassau, among others. On top of this, 7 restaurants have been issued ‘restaurant only’ notices, which denies them the right to perform any activity that is even slightly close to a night club (such as live music or high volume).

It’s clear that these new rules and restrictions will have a strong impact on the revenues, both for the private beach club owners and for the government itself. Considering that a big part of the tourist income comes from private beach club parties, the losses will take no time to show up. However, the implementation of this new regime is believed to help Ibiza to restore its calm and relaxing environment, as it used to be back in the days, before the electronic music came into scene.

Whether or not Ibiza’s businessmen will find a workaround to this matter, is something we cannot foresee at the moment. So if you are about to get your plane tickets to see your favorite DJ playing on a beautiful spot at the beach, you’d better double check first.

H/T: MixMag