Hard Summer Ends With 107 Arrests and 19 Hospitalizations

Hard Summer

Hard Summer Music Festival 2017 is officially in the books and it wouldn’t be a major Music festival without a police report regarding the slew of arrests that took place. Hard has had issues with arrests, deaths and hospitalizations in recent years and while no deaths have been reported, there were several hospitalizations and even more arrests. However this is still a drastic improvement over previous years. 

The ten year anniversary of Hard Summer saw approximately 40,000 people on each of the two days of the festival, which led to a total of 107 arrests and 19 hospitalizations. These numbers are actually down from previous years of the festival which had more than this years total arrests in a single day. 

According to a press release from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, the first day of the festival had 40 arrests, 23 of which were drug and alcohol violations while the rest were attributed to other charges including public intoxication, outstanding warrants, sales of narcotics, among other things. 

In addition, on day one 6 people needed to be transported to the local hospitals for treatment based on their medical conditions at the time. 

Day 2 was slightly worse based on a tweet from Doug Wolfe, Lieutenant at San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. No press release has been released for day two yet, however Wolfe tweeted out the daily number of arrests and hospitalizations early Monday morning. 

Day two had a total of 67 arrests made for various crimes including drug sales, public intoxication and trespass. In addition, the hospitalizations more than doubled with 13 attendees needing to be taken to local hospitals. 

While 126 out of nearly 80,000 people being arrested or hospitalized doesn’t sound good, it’s still a big improvement for a troubled festival property. Check out the tweet from Lieutenant Wolfe below: