13 Reasons Why You Need To Know The Name GG Magree


13 Reasons Why You Need To Know The Name GG Magree

GG Magree is the epitome of girl power. This multi talented, Australian beauty is proving that you can follow your dreams and, stay true to yourself at the same damn time. Her seductively sweet vocals were featured on the track ‘Frontlines‘ by Zeds Dead and NGHTMRE, which you can listen to here. With her own sense of style which she exudes in her merchandise line, “YEAH PUSSY” and her high energy live sets, GG Magree is not a force to be reckoned with. GG has blown audiences away with her bass heavy sets and trap inspired mixes. This self-taught producer is constantly evolving and learning about EDM and is influenced by artists from all genres of music such as Rihanna and Michael Jackson. GG is extremely passionate about her new track, ‘One by One‘ which was just released on Zeds Dead’s label, Deadbeats and is available for listening below. Check out our interview with GG and learn about her most memorable experience as an artist, her brand new track, musical guilty pleasures, and a few more reasons why you need to know her name.

You’re originally from Australia, how did growing up there influence you as a performer/producer?

GG: I think growing up in Australia, because it’s so far away from the rest of the world, is a blessing. Australia is so isolated from the rest of the world so you constantly have to be looking and sourcing new music from all over which really forces you to connect with music blogs, Spotify, iTunes etc. Being in music & from Australia, I’m lucky enough to travel so much, and as an artist, that really inspires me and opens a lot of doors. I feel like it has made me really push myself and have a lot of fight because once you conquer the Australian market you have the rest of the world to then go after!


You’ve taken the stage at places like Red Rocks Colorado, Drais in Vegas, and Liv Miami just to name a few, What is your most memorable performance as an artist so far and why?

GG: I KNOW I’M SO SO lucky and I still pinch myself every day! Red Rocks has been the most memorable for sure! Not only was playing at that venue a huge bucket list check for me, it was the first time I ever sang ONE BY ONE (my first single which just came out). As I opened my mouth to start singing a huge sun shower came over and the crowd was going CRAZY! It was amazing!!! As soon as I finished, the rain ended and I got a double rainbow! LIKE THIS REALLY HAPPENED! I looked at my manager Lexy and we both had that moment where we realized we’re exactly where we’re meant to be! It was so surreal.


What artist or artists, dead or alive has inspired you most?

GG: I don’t even know where to start! But I’ve always been really inspired by Rihanna, Skrillex, Michael Jackson,  ASAP ROCKY and I also take elements from other creative artists like Basquiat, Sussboy, and Roman Gervais.


Your vocals were featured on the hit “Frontlines” with Zeds Dead and NGHTMRE, Are there any more collaborations in the works for you that you can tell us about?

GG: I just came out with by debut single “ONE BY ONE” which is all meee baby! But I do have some super super exciting projects in the works, but my manager will kill me if I tell you now haha!


What artists do you hope to collaborate with in the future?

GG: Skrillex, Riri, Playboy Carti, Asap Rocky, Asap Ferg, Lana Del Ray… omg so many I could go on forever.


Your playlist on Spotify “Yeah Pussy 2.0” is a mixture of hip hop, dubstep, and trap, What music are you listening to right now that you would consider unexpected, given that you produce dance music? Any guilty pleasures?

GG: I love Marilyn Manson, The Doors, Bob Moses, Francis and the lights and I really, really love home girl Rezz’s new album. It’s killer!


Did you always know you wanted to pursue a music career? What moment in your life made it clear, and what was your “big break”?

GG: For me, I don’t think there will ever be, like, a Big Break moment. I’m so hungry, and I constantly want to be learning more, and excelling every single day. In saying that I do set goals for myself but just as I am achieving those goals I’m already making a list for more to tick off. This year, myself and my manager have made it a thing that we must always celebrate our achievements every single time (She’s the same as me and we are both just like next, next, hahaha)


How did you learn to mix?

GG: I’m self-taught which is super cool. I definitely have a very weird unique style of DJing but it’s cool because it’s the GG style. I used to practice in my dad’s pub for hours and hours on the weekend until I started getting really good. I first started on vinyl so I then made the transition to CDJs which was dope as I love learning and challenging myself.


If you could send a message to all up and coming female artists out there, what would you say?

GG: I would say this to any upcoming artists, male or female – Just be the best, most real version of you.


You just released your first official single”One by One” on Zeds Dead‘s label Deadbeats tell us about the track and how it came to be.

GG: If you ask any of my friends or family (specifically my manager) they will tell you I’m slightly tweaked or like a lil crazy, so when I write songs I really try to immerse myself, in what I want the song to sound like, what I want it to say and how I want it to make people feel. “One by One” is like a dark, sexy, mysterious song. I wanted people to feel like they’re being taken on a journey where at first it’s inviting in the verse, the pre is more intense and the chorus “One by One” is open so they feel like they are floating almost before the drop hits and I want them to go wild and lose themselves. Because my ultimate aim in all my songs is for people to feel free.


What are your hobbies when you’re not traveling or working on your music?

GG: My label ‘Yeah Pussy!’ I’m so obsessed. My manager and I are moving it into a full-service creative agency. So stay tuned YEAH PUSSY BABY!


You’ve been featured on MTV Australia’s Fit Sessions for your anything but boring workout routines, what other things do you do to prepare for your shows?

GG: I have so much natural energy! I really just take like 5 mins alone in my head. Give myself a lil’ talking to and always aim to give the crowd the best performance I can!


Your sense of style is always your own and fun, tell us about your style and your merch line “Yeah Pussy” and what it means to you.

GG: It’s Life! It’s about not being shy of who you really are because let’s face it ‘Yeah Pussy’ is loud. So you have to be loud to wear it! I’m loud, Proud and love who I am!


Be sure to catch GG Magree on tour alongside Space Jesus, and Zeds Dead at Life In Color Festival, the world’s largest paint party in Orlando FL on September 2nd. Grab your tickets to LIC here fast, because this event is sure to sell out!