Skrillex and fifth harmony

Fifth Harmony have been dominating the charts with their catchy songs such as ‘Down’ featuring Gucci Mane, ‘Deliver’, ‘Messy’, ‘Lonely Night’, ‘Don’t Say You Love Me’, and that’s just to name a few! Skrillex has also been releasing incredible new music lately, notably during the last couple of months with epic collaborations with the talented Poo Bear (‘Would You Ever‘), NSTASIA and Vindata (‘Favor‘), and his insane new track with Wale and DJ Sliink (‘Saint Laurent‘). With Skrillex exploring several new styles as of late, it honestly doesn’t come as a surprise that he teamed up with Fifth Harmony to release an undeniably hype tune called ‘Angel‘.

Recently, there has been some buzz about the group teaming up with the American producer. Initially, music enthusiasts thought that Skrillex was producing a Skrillex track that would feature the musical group; however, it didn’t take long to confirm that the situation was actually the reverse as Fifth Harmony insisted that the electronic dance music legend assist with the production of their own track.

Even though Skrillex played a huge part in the overall creation of the new material, fans might be slightly disappointing that it does not contain the recognizable dubstep and bass flair that the DJ is internationally known for. The track incorporates lovely vocals and extensive lyrics in which Fifth Harmony fans will truly adore – however, if you’re expecting a sick drop…you shouldn’t hold your breath with this one. Hear it for yourself below!