Diplo and Shane McCauley Return With Season 2 Of “Blow Your Head”

The dynamic duo Diplo & Shane McCauley are back in action to bring you the next exciting season of Blow Your Head. It’s been four years since this documentary series has been aired and we’re extremely excited to see its return. The new season of the show takes viewers on a journey around the globe and gives inside access to Diplo and Shane McCauley as they work to discover new, up-and-coming artists.

The aim behind the creation of the show is to document the people who are innovating and creation – the people who are proving everyone that told them “they can’t do something” wrong. It’s an admirable way to shine a light on artists internationally.

This opening episode of Season 2 take viewers on an adventure to Johannesburg, South Africa. While there we are indulged in the wealthy nightlife scene and vibrations of Jahannesburg. In the remainder of the season, viewers are brought into the depths of new and creative musical structures.

Come join us on a journey of musical proportions through this incredible new season of Blow Your Head with Diplo and Shane McCauley. You can watch the trailer below.