EDMTunes Chats with Vini Vici at Tomorrowland

Fresh off their mainstage cameo with W&W, we sat down with Aviram from Vini Vici to talk about their meteoric rise and new music.

You had a primetime closing slot at the ASOT stage this weekend. What would you say was the biggest show of your career so far? Was it this weekend?

It was definitely one of the biggest shows that I had. I don’t know if it was the biggest crowd wise but the importance of it was very big. We’re coming from the psytrance scene. It’s kinda different from the stage that we’ve normally played. We always get excited before these kinds of shows because we don’t really know how the crowd will respond. The crowd responded very good in my opinion and it was a very important show for us.

Have you been to Tomorrowland before?

Actually its my first time. My partner was here last year. We are two. He played on another psytrance stage. So its my first time and I’m very excited to be here.

Was that a previous project for Vini Vici?

No, that was Vini Vici but just in a proper “psytrance kinda stage”. I actually want to go check it out but I didn’t have the time. Definitely have the need to go and check it out.

So Vini Vici kind of exploded onto the scene in 2017. What do think your popularity all of a sudden has to say about the direction trance music is going?

We just do what we love. We do what we believe in. Thank God its exploding. We’re gonna continue doing what we do and hopefully it will grow and grow.

What do you think is the direction trance music is going? It seems to be getting back to its roots with the harder sound. Do you agree with that?

The thing is, we’re coming from the psytrance scene. Psytrance was always very underground but still very big in its own kind of circle you know? Its like a circle of people that didn’t know but its a very big circle. So the circle always exists and actually its getting better and better because psytrance is getting more commercial. That’s also why psytrance is taking trance into another dimension or maybe to go back to its roots. I definitely feel like its going back to its roots. Its getting bigger because its going back.

In terms of exposure, I know you have a collaboration with W&W. I believe you premiered it tonight? 

Yeah, actually tonight I played it with them on the mainstage. It was great and its going to be released soon and more information will be given. We have a name. It is Chakra.

That’s actually one of the most played tracks of the weekend, actually both weekends! You’ve been playing all over the world obviously. What’s your favorite city anywhere in the world to play?

That’s so hard to choose because every city and country has it’s own kind of magic. So it’s a very tough question. I love a lot of cities. I love São Paolo. I love Tel Aviv. I love Netherlands. I love Amsterdam. I love Moscow, Russia. I love Tokyo, Japan. I love Mexico City! I love LA! I love Vegas! It’s very hard to choose! I love Melbourne. I love Sydney.

How did it feel to play Ultra for the first time this year?

Again, it was kind of the same thing. Psytrance never really went there. I don’t know if before us anyone else had played psytrance on those kinds of stages. So again we didn’t really know what to expect. The response was beyond great in my opinion so it was a very important show for me and us.

One last random question. What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?