Although superstar Swedish producer and DJ Avicii is retired from touring, his promotion for his new EP AVĪCI (01) is in full swing. His first collection of music since 2015’s Stories, the six-track EP brings back the signature Avicii folk-EDM hybrid sound that brought the Swedish producer (real name: Tim Bergling) widespread success, notably with hit songs such as ‘Wake Me Up and ‘Hey Brother’. The new EP features vocals from Rita OraAlunaGeorgeVargas & Lagola, Billy Raffoul, and Sandro Cavazza, and is the first in a set of three EPs that will ultimately comprise an album.

To promote the first EP, Avicii has released a string of lyric videos, and they contain a narrative that continues throughout the videos. In a dark and gloomy color palette that counters the jubilant vibes brought forth in the song, Part 1 begins with ‘Friend of Mine’, the first song on the EP. A pair of astronauts explore a mysterious, foreign landscape that contains massive statues and structures, ultimately ending with the astronauts running towards a light. The narrative picks up in Part 2, set to ‘Lonely Together, the second song of the EP, featuring vocals from Rita Ora. The two astronauts take to the skies in hot air balloons and encounter a storm, and trouble arises when a birdlike creature tears a hole through one of the balloons, causing it to fall. The two astronauts become separated but reunite in Part 3, set to ‘You Be Love’. However, the video still ends in turmoil, as the astronauts brace for impact when a number of tornado-like vortexes whip through.

Avicii has been posting a new lyric video to his official Vevo account each day, so perhaps fans can expect more lyric videos for the rest of the EP in the coming days. For now, you can view the first three videos in the series below, and stream or download the full EP here.



h/t Metro