Pasquale Rotella Teases EDC Announcement

EDC 2018

If you haven’t been following the story a little after EDCLV this year Pasquale Rotella of Insomniac made a statement that he has been doing some thinking and will be making some changes for EDC Las Vegas going forward. He has said that he would be announcing the details soon. Since that day he has made about 3 more statements saying he will be announcing the change details “soon”.

Fans are baffled but most of all anxious and excited to hear his ideas for the future. Some have started rumors that the dates are changing, or there will be a major shuttle changes. The annual “EDC will be 2 weekends” rumor even got started up again. At this point the changes most likely center on dates and shuttles.

Could be anything but most suspect it will be things that benefit attendees because it seems like the changes are due to major complaints about the shuttles, and heat related problems. Pasquale has always had the headliners backs so I think it’s safe to say these changes, whenever we learn what they are, will be for the better.