Zedd Performs on Good Morning America

The crossover between pop and dance music has always been in existence. However, in just the last year or two, that transition seems to be more prevalent than ever. Tune into your local top 40 radio station and it’s very possible you’ll hear a track from The Chainsmokers or Marshmello. And you might even hear a popular hit from Zedd who has had massive appeal in both markets.

This past Friday, Zedd took to television to play Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series in New York City. This has been an insanely popular move for crossover artists, even as much as us purists may hate it. And as much as we may not approve of the move, Zedd in addition to being a stellar producer, is a legit musician.

The performances included Zedd’s incredibly catchy tune, ‘Stay’ featuring Alessia Cara as well as, ‘Get Low.’ His collaboration with Liam Payne. You can check out the video of Stay and a brief interview about their collaborations below. What do you think of our favorite EDM producers performing on your mother’s morning television show? Let us know what you think!