Watch: Brillz & Trav Piper – ‘Aliens’ Official Music Video

Brillz Releases Trippy New Video, ‘Aliens’

Extraterrestrials, rejoice!
Brillz is back with a trippy new single and music video, ‘Aliens’. Featuring up-and-coming trap producer Trav Piper, the experimental track strikes a balance between wonky and haunting. ‘Aliens’ toys with samples from alien movies, a punchy buildup, heavy basslines, and unexpected breaks vocal clips throughout.

The music video itself is weird (in the best way possible), mesmerizing, and energizing. With clips of insects, glitchy dancers, a glittery humanoid, and splashes of ferrofluid, it’s sure to please any sci-fi lover. Plus, we can’t help but wonder what all those Twonk Records hieroglyphs could mean.

Watch the video above and share it with your favorite Brillz fan or alien believer, then send us a postcard when you get settled into outerspace!