Watch The Best Of Armin Only Aftermovie

The Best Of Armin Only

Armin van Buuren is nothing if not a legend. In both the trance community and to dance music as a whole. Among the many things that he is known for is his Armin Only tour. What started as an aptly named show featuring just Armin has slowly evolved and grown over the years. Earlier this year, it reached new new heights with The Best Of Armin Only. Spanning two nights and featuring 22 artists among countless other performers, it was easily the biggest and best show to date.

“I’m still shaking from all this. This show, this crowd… It was absolutely phenomenal. I’m a bit bummed out that it has gone by so quickly, but I enjoyed this so, so much. I’d like to thank everyone for their support and all of their hard work, my fans of course and also Alda, 250K, DLP, Armada and Corrino Media Group. ‘The Best Of Armin Only’ isn’t just my ultimate highlight. It’s ours!”

And today he just released the aftermovie for those two incredible shows. As you might expect, it’s the best of The Best of Armin Only. And it is truly spectacular and moving. Give it a watch and see exactly what the definition of “The Best” really is.