Tomorrowland 2017’s Mainstage Revealed [Photos]

Tomorrowland kicks off a mere 7 days from now and the Amicorum Spectaculum is looking pretty spectacular already. It’s a bit strange to see a Tomorrowland mainstage with trusses and a cover up top, but much work remains to be done. You can see where the LED wall or “face” will go and you can already see the ornate level of detail.



One of the more interesting pieces, which was indicated in our earlier reporting, is the carousel on the upper right side of the stage. We hope it actually rotates. The stage is well in keeping with this year’s carnival theme, and we can’t wait to see the final product. mainstagemainstage

The other stages are reportedly coming along quite nicely too, but the mysterious Freedom and Organ of Harmony stages still remain a bit of a mystery even with 7 days to go.