Dillion Francis Goes Undercover In Music Video For “Say Less” [WATCH]

Say Less

Dillon Francis has been a busy man as of late. He’s been playing events and festivals and participating in his upcoming role in the sure to be a hit series from Viceland, “What Would Diplo Do?“. Alongside this work, the comedic DJ has now turned to a new profession in his new hilarious music video for the G-Eazy collaboration banger “Say Less“. In the video, Francis goes undercover as a DEA agent in a sting.

First debuting in an event held at the Youtube Space LA, the video begins with what looks like a party taking place at a local nightclub. Meanwhile, Dillon is transported to the event in a limo with his date, who seems upset at the fact that he is behaving like a total narc. They then arrive and happen to run into fellow rapper and collaborator G-Eazy, who also appeared to be performing on the same night – or so we thought.

Watch as the hilarity ensues and things take a turn for the unexpected with fellow Australian actor, Luke Hemsworth also making a cameo of his own.