Odesza’s Creative Process Shown by Native Instruments

Odesza Native Instruments

Native Instruments Shares Insight on Odesza’s Creative Process

Ever wonder how the magic happens in the studio when Odesza creates their music? Native Instruments just released a video giving an inside perspective on how it happens. Throughout the video, the duo talks about the Northwest and its impact on their music as well as what they use to create and their thought process while making music. They speak about the “vibe” that the northwest gives off as an inspiration for their music. They also talk about the music making process and how “mistakes lead to the most interesting ideas.”

Odesza paints their creative process as free-flowing allowing for accidents to create unique ideas leading to unique sounds. Harrison Mills mentions the upcoming album focusing on “growth, progression, and maturity.” He continues by explaining that they aren’t trying anything new and groundbreaking but that they’re just trying to fully develop their current sound and get the most out of it.

Check out the video below and learn more about the interview here.