Mad Decent Block Party Celebrates 10 Years

mad decent block party

Who would expect that a local block party will turn into an official event? Located in Philadelphia, Mad Decent Block Party is celebrating 10 years of fun, good vibes and great music. What started off as a typical block party, catering to less than a few hundred people, has now become a popular festival that patrons across the country are attending.

Back in the day, the laws in Philadelphia for block parties were not as strict and only a permit was required. Due to less enforcement, crowds of thousands of people showed up to the crazy, fun-filled event. Diplo, who was the admin for MDBP recalls how it went down in 2007. In a featured video, he explains how smooth and easy-going the party was and how successful it became throughout the years.

Today, a lot of well-known artists perform at MDBP and it has developed into an epic music festival. It’s amazing how time has changed and the legacy of the event continues! Check out the footage of the first MDBP with Diplo as he describes his experience.