GoPro Tests Their New Fusion 360 VR Camera!

GoPro Fusion

GoPro Tests Their New Fusion 360 VR Camera!

GoPro is currently in the process of testing out a new 360 VR Camera, named “Fusion”.

The goal at the time is to be used in promotional UFC fights, capture news footage and to be used in award ceremonies all over.

Some of the partners they are test driving this new device with include; Accuweather, Digital Domain, Fox Sports, Getty Images, The Golden State Warriors, Legend 3D, travel blogger Louis Cole, Rapid VR, RYOT and USA Today.

GoPro claims they have handpicked these partners based on previous experiences they have had with their own 360 Degree coverage & experience.

If the trials are successful and the product does expand into other partners, I feel incorporating the device with music festivals would be another awesome utilization. It would definitely give guests attending and fans streaming another perspective on which they can experience live performances and even live sets. We see this as another possible way to experience moments live, such as SnapChat’s own Spectacles.