Hudson Mohawke Debuts New Song ‘Human’ On TV Show

Hudson mohawke human twin peaks

Hudson Mohawke Debuts ‘Human’ on ‘Twin Peaks’

An interesting way to debut unreleased music would be to do it on a hit TV show. That’s exactly what Hudson Mohawke did on Sunday night. The producer also happened to make his acting debut when he appeared in a small cameo on ‘Twin Peaks.’ The cameo takes place towards the very end of the ninth episode. Mowhawke took to social media to promote his performance on the show with a Facebook post and a tweet.

The unreleased track, ‘Human,’ fit the tone of the show perfectly. This isn’t the first time that a producer has been involved with the show as Flying Lotus released a remix to the ‘Twin Peaks’ theme song earlier in the year.   The show has also seen cameos from a host of several musicians ranging across different genres. With the inclusion of Mohawke, we can only wonder who else will join this growing list of performances at The Roadhouse Bar.