Genix Shares Nostalgia Filled Anjunabeats Classics Set

Genix – Anjunabeats Classic Set @ Luminosity

Behold, this one has classic trance written all over it. Genix is based out of UK and has been a force to reckon with over the past few years. He is a trance/progressive demi-god for his fans and he has proven them right once again. With his Anjunabeats classic trance set at Luminosity beach festival 2017, Genix gives us goosebumps as he smoothly glides through this gem of a set.

The young DJ’s productions have a sweet smelling aroma of the old school trance tunes that are barely surviving in today’s industry. Inspired by Trance and Electro of his predecessors’ era, Genix has consistently played cameos with some of the current headliners. Above & Beyond have announced that fans will witness Genix & Sunny Lax B2B at their marquee event Group Therapy 250 in September. Winning accolades for his recent collaboration called ‘Blackwater‘ with Sunny Lax, Genix was first noticed for his record 84 hour set in 2005.

The set starts and instantly sets the mood for a dance marathon. After the first two songs breeze through, we taste two specials from the Anjuna kitchen of Above & Beyond. Also known for his record label TRR (Trance Revolution Recordings), Genix played ‘Tonight‘ and ‘On A Good Day‘ with sheer brilliance.

The middle part of the set simply powers through with a signature modern trance twist given to it by the man himself. The set features magical tracks like ‘Satellite‘ and ‘Sirens Of The Sea‘ from the Oceanlab archives. Peppy tunes like Mat Zo’sLucky Strike‘ and Super 8’s ‘Get Off‘ also feature in the one and a half hour set.

Most of Genix’s work is evident of his groovy and hard hitting beats with a progressive and smooth use of the synth. This set is a testimony to that fact and also to his attachment to the 90’s trance music.

We’ re recommending you save this one for the weekend. Also available for free download.

Genix – Luminosity Anjunabeats Classics Set