Ed Sheeran Had A Cameo Game Of Thrones Season 7 Premiere

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Don’t worry, there are no major spoilers here if you have yet to see the highly anticipated season 7 premiere of Game Of Thrones last night. However, we have to dive into one tiny spoiler that we’ve known about for a while. Ed Sheeran has talked about his musical cameo in the upcoming season for some time now, but we didn’t think it would be this soon.

About half way through the first episode, Arya Stark is riding her horse solo on the king’s road and comes up to a group of Lannister soldiers sitting around a fire listening to Sheeran sing. After he says his one or two lines, he sat stagnant in the rest of the scene. The cameo was short lived and on the brink of being really awkward- truthfully, it seemed out of place in the continuity of the episode overall. However, it’s always nice to see musicians cross over into the world of television, especially a big series like Game Of Thrones.

The question now is, will he be a returning character or has his reign ended as soon as it began? Watch below and stay tuned!