Donald Trump Ecstasy Tablets Hit UK Streets

Donald trump

 High-Level Ecstasy Tablets Sold Using Donald Trump’s Face

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, Donald Trump Ecstasy tablets are currently being sold on the market in the UK. Much like most of the ecstasy sold on city streets and online, these tablets hail from Amsterdam. The comical pill design comes in the form of Trump’s pouty visage with detailed accents of his signature overcomb. The pills come in the appropriate hues of orange.

Donald Trump Ecstasy

The pressed pills are currently being sold online and on the streets for £8 a pill, which translates to roughly 10.45 USD. According to online listings the pills contain “dangerously high levels of MDMA.” And after a surge of recent deaths attributed to high MDMA-laced pills, UK police have issued public health warnings.

Ecstasy tablets such as these are easily accessible thanks in part to the anonymity of online black market sites. Tablets can also come in virtually any design you can think of. Despite the rash of deaths and health warnings, it won’t do much to deter the demand for lucrative collectibles such as these. There’s not much one can do about sourcing information for heavily-manufactured drugs like ecstasy. The best bet is to be aware of your body’s limits and make informed decisions about the consumption of any drug.