24 Year Old Dies Trying To Swallow A Pack Of Weed in Croatia

24 Year Old Dies Trying To Swallow A Pack Of Weed

One of the unfortunate things that happen at a music festival is accidents related to drugs. A young man from Split, Croatia has become the latest victim of the same. Reported to have been approached by the police for marijuana possession in Split near the stadium where a music festival was taking place, the 24 year old ran from them in attempt to escape . This didn’t turn out to be fruitful as he was subsequently chased and caught. It is not known whether the young man was intending to go to a festival, but the events did not take place at the festival itself.

On the way to the police station, his medical condition started getting from bad to worse following which he was taken to the hospital where he passed away upon arrival.

The death was a result of choking from swallowing the marijuana with the plastic bag it was kept in. Unfortunately, the plastic stuck to his windpipe and was fatal before the doctors could deal with it.

Source : Total Croatia News