Cirez D – The Accuser

Eric Prydz Releases New Song as Cirez D

Cirez D The Accuser

Cirez D – The Accuser

Swedish DJ Eric Prydz aka Pryda aka Cirez D, is at it again having released ‘The Accuser‘ under alias Cirez D today. Many fans know Eric Prydz as a progressive house DJ that is terrified of flying, but is willing to travel to the ends of the world to see his fans and play his high energy music. Each alias has a different sound and is associated with different record labels as well. For Cirez D, he takes fans on more of a dark-techno ride.

‘The Accuser’ was released under the Mouseville label. The track is very dark, which could be associated with the title of the track.  The song takes listeners on what could only be described as perhaps a weird tripped out dream or a roller coaster that is loopy with lots of turns and twists. The track starts out with a typical house beat with claps and drums, which lead out to a stutter of an unknown vocal and sound that reminds me of a dream that never ends.  Fans can listen to the track now on Beatport amongst all streaming music media websites.

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