Avicii Teases New Music On Instagram


In January Avicii fans were teased with the prospect of him releasing new music with a promise to create his ‘Best Damn Album’ yet. This came as positive news as he has had not the best few years recently. However his announcement of retiring from performing live did not keep him out of the studio. In April the Swedish DJ continued to keep his fans excited by dropping a hint of a new album release on the artist’s homepage.

Today while in Perú, Avicii built more excitement for his new music. With a picture of Machu Picchu he took to Instagram to release another announcement. This time however he teases us with hashtags that are most likely the names of his new songs.

The song being played in the post resembles Avicii’s previous song ‘Hey Brother’. There is a folk pop element to the new song that could be a sign of the new albums style. Only a total of seven hashtags were listed which leaves us a possibility of another similar announcement/teaser hopefully. With all this excitement being built up lets hope this new album is a fresh and exciting new leaf for Avicii’s career.