Avicii Promises To Create His “Best Damn Album”


After having a rough couple of years, it looks like Avicii is putting all his energy towards music. He was forced to cancel shows and tours due to health issues, which included rumors of possible drug and alcohol issues. Furthermore, he was involved in a ridiculous 50/50 contract with former manager Ash Pournouri and that led to their eventual split. His strenuous touring schedule did not help his health as well as his relationship with his former manager and friend.

After all of this, you may think Avicii would actually be done with the EDM scene.  Thankfully, he’s not, as Tim has started to look healthier and even promised to produce the “best damn album” of his career. He has given us hit singles like “Le7els“, “Wake Me Up“, and “Fade Into Darkness” and it would be a shame to see his talent go to waste. We have a feeling that Avicii’s new album will be different from anything else we have heard from him.