Above & Beyond – Tightrope feat. Marty Longstaff

ABGT 250Paavo Siljamäki, Jono Grant, and Tony McGuinness aka Above & Beyond are at it again! The super god-like progressive trance trio are cooking up some mighty proggy tunes in their Anjuna kitchen.  “Tightrope” was teased earlier this year when the Group Therapy leaders dropped the song during their set at Ultra Miami. It appeared as if time stood still while fans glistened and soaked up the tunes under the hot Florida night.

Tightrope has a typically Anjuna progressive trance sound.  Starting with the typical introductory bass beat that is choppy and synthesized, adding in a horn here or there, distorted sounds eventually lead to keyboard riffs and notes, ultimately leading to the melodic haunting sound of any Anjuna vocalist. The tune runs like an epic rollercoaster that any trance and progressive trance fan would love.  Imagine the song starts low and melodic, leads up to an all time high, and eventually goes down the tunnel leading to the tune that makes everyone just want to jive and jump and dance until they can’t dance anymore, or until their legs fall off. You can check out the preview of “Tightrope” below, coming on August 4th.