If you have been surfing the net in the past few weeks, you know that it’s impossible to escape the promotional ads for this years DJ Mag Top 100 DJs voting polls. Many producers glorify themselves on the amount of votes that they can acquire through this very controversial competition as they will earn the title of the world’s best DJ. As the rivalry continues to unfold, some musicians have taken some drastic measures in order to classify themselves as the number 1 DJ in the world – like hiring sexy promotional women to trick fans into supporting sometimes unworthy producers. This year, the iPad babes are back in full swing in order to increase the polls as they were hired by aspiring winners.

DJ Magazine, also known as DJ Mag, has gained worldwide success as it’s prided itself on listing the best DJs in the world through their polls attracting over 1 million votes back in 2015, resulting in the largest music poll around the globe. In the past, the magazine has erupted controversy as many artists and fans were not clearly informed as to what they were voting for. The ranking appeared to be more of a popularity competition as opposed to whose musical talent conquered above the others. It is important to note that one can’t expect to become famous in the music industry without some degree of marketing – however, this does not excuse the fact that hiring pretty women to increase one’s chances of winning is an acceptable measure of talents.

This year, during Tomorrowland, it has been reported that the iPad beauties are back in full swing to assist some DJs with increasing the number of votes through their given tools.

Many attendees have expressed their thoughts and concerns about the promotional ladies through different social media channels, as seen below.

The unfortunate behaviors that some artists have taken in order to obtain the highly desired ranking has caused some backlash amongst the other competitors – in essence as to if it is a fair way to play the game. As marketing campaigns continue to blossom, there is no doubt that some will attempt to manipulate the system in order to win; however, the fact of the matter still remains: is the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list still as credible as it once was?