Storm Dampens Mood for Electric Forest’s Second Weekend of Festivities

electric forest

electric forestEarly arrivers to Electric Forest this week were stuck in their cars on Wednesday awaiting campground entrances to reopen.

Festivalgoers began arriving in Rothbury on Wednesday and thunderstorms followed close behind that evening. Holders of early arrival passes for the first-ever second weekend of Electric Forest were greeted with a thunderstorm and lightning. Entry to the campsite was delayed as organizers announced on Twitter Wednesday afternoon that campground entrances were temporarily closed due to the weather conditions.

The announcement on Twitter advised everyone to take a break from driving to campsites or to explore dining options in Michigan as they waited for weather conditions to clear up and festival operations to resume.

While some were stuck waiting for the lines to start running again, others who attended the welcome party at Gold Rush Waterpark were unsure when they could return to their campsite.

Updates were sent out through the Electric Forest app and after a night of uncertainty, organizers finally announced that campground entrances would reopen at noon on Thursday. Opening of venue gates was also delayed till 5p.m.

The weather had already put a slight damper on weekend one of the festival as campgrounds were muddy from the rain and gates opened slightly later than scheduled. Rain is also forecasted for this weekend and similar camping conditions can be expected.

Met with a gloomy start to the weekend of festivities, Electric Forest is making it up to attendees by offering a refund to everyone who purchased a weekend two early arrival pass.