Spotify and Facebook Make Sharing Music Easier Than Ever With New Group Playlists Feature

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Spotify first launched in 2008 as a music streaming source. Since then, it has reached over 140 million users today. With technology constantly evolving, people want apps that are as user friendly as possible. With so many streaming sources to choose from, it is easy to see why the streaming service has partnered with Facebook to make sharing music more enjoyable and simple for its users.

Facebook Messenger now offers a feature at the bottom screen of the chat window where users can select the new Spotify icon and create and share playlists with their friends. The feature is called “Group Playlists”. Users are now able to create playlists that their friends can add songs to. This is a key function in discovering new music. Now you can easily show your entire group of friends a cool new song you’ve stumbled upon.

To use the new feature, Spotify and Facebook members just click the Spotify icon on their Messenger window under the “+” symbol and create the “Group Playlist”. Once a playlist has been created, users within the Spotify Chat Extension can add more songs to the original playlist. Being able to create playlists together with friends will allow users to constantly feel connected through music. To try out this new feature, you can go here.

Without a Spotify Premium account however, playlists will still include advertisements, so purchasing a premium account will come in handy if you don’t want your tunes being interrupted by ads. Check out Spotify’s list of best songs of 2017 on Youtube to get inspiration on a playlist to begin creating and sharing with friends by clicking here!