Pasquale Rotella Addresses EDC Safety & Security Concerns

EDC Safety

EDC Las Vegas is right around the corner. And with the recent attack at the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena in England, many people are feeling uneasy attending massive shows that attract a lot of attention. Insomniac founder, Pasquale Rotella, posted a lengthy message on Facebook addressing these safety and security concerns.

Rotella begins by saying that the safety is and always has been the #1 priority for the attendees and that with all the staff on site, there are thousands of watchful eyes. He goes on to mention that the festival has gained the support of police, fire, and medical personnel, as well as several government agencies.

Rotella mentions the see something, say something rule that can be extremely helpful as their will be countless attendees who have the ability to stop an incident from happening just by noticing it and saying something about it. Lastly, he asks for patient during bag checks and pat-downs to ensure maximum safety for all of the attendees.

EDC has always been about the “headliners” who are the attending fans so ensuring safety for everybody is the top priority and is clearly not taken lightly by the organizers. Check out the full post from Rotella below and please stay safe and aware!