Heat Warning Issued In Las Vegas During EDC Vegas

heat warning

Dance music festivals already already bear a large risk of overheating their patrons. The hours of dancing, especially in the Summer, is bad enough. Obviously those risks are amplified with any illicit substances. Those attending EDC Vegas this weekend need to be extra vigilant to stay hydrated, because the National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Warning in Nevada.

From 11AMPDT on Saturday to 9PM Wednesday there will be temperatures of 110-115 in the Las Vegas Valley and other low desert areas. The warning mentions that at those temperatures heat illnesses are possible. The National Weather Service urges all people, not just those at EDC, to drink plenty of fluids and stay out of the sun as much as possible.

Thankfully EDC takes place only at night, but the minimum nighttime low will only be about 75 degrees. It might be said all the time with festivals, but stay hydrated with a camelback and watch out for eachother.

Source: KTNV