One Lucky DJ Can Launch Their Career At These 4 Festivals With

AGNT Breakthrough Tour DJ Booking

AGNT, an innovative new platform that makes booking DJs and producers for events easy and finding gigs simple, has announced the contest of all contests: what they’ve aptly named The Breakthrough Tour

What is AGNT?

There are millions of DJs out there, looking for gigs to play. The problem is there’s never been an easy way to book them…until now.

AGNT is a new platform that connects DJs and organizers like never before. With us, the logistical barriers that p la gue DJ bookings are a thing of the past. We are liberating the system, providing access to thousands of different DJs that fit any style or budget, and a suite of tools that manages every stage of the booking process.

With AGNT, anyone can book the perfect DJ for any event, and any DJ can find new gigs, new audiences, and a whole new level of exposure.

Why should you use AGNT?

As an Artists:

AGNT provides unparalleled access to new gigs and opportunities no matter what level you’re at. Our platform allows you to promote yourself to a huge pool of organizers, and proactively apply to open events in any city. And with AGNT, you never have to worry about getting burned by shady organizers; our secure payment system ensures you always get paid for your efforts.

Artist key benefits:

  • – Gain access to new gigs
  • – Platform for self-promotion
  • – Built-in music player for all your mixes
  • – Never get burned with guaranteed payments
  • – Instant fee negotiations
  • – Intuitive gig management tools

As an Event Organizers:

AGNT is the easiest and most secure way to find the perfect DJ for any event. We bring together thousands of DJs that fit any style, budget, or event, and handle every stage of the booking process, so all you have to do is find the DJ that’s right for you. And with secure payments and a verified review system, you also get peace of mind with every booking.
AGNT Booking Platform

Organizer key benefits:

    • – Incredibly simple booking process
    • – Fully customizable search filters
    • – Verified reviews & ratings for all DJs
    • – Secure, automated payment system
    • – Integrated chat for instant communication
    • – Advanced event management tools

How can You Play at these 4 Festivals?

The Breakthrough Tour – a sponsored by AGNT, Limitless Life, V-Moda, Subpac, Native Instruments, and Foosh – offers the opportunity for one lucky, up-and-coming DJ/producer to embark on the adventure of every new DJ’s dreams: traveling to four of North America’s top festivals – all expenses paid – to play for lives crowds.

The goal with the tour is to offer a truly real and effective way to shine the limelight on new artists and offer a one-of-a-kind experience. Finding your way onto a festival lineup anywhere is no easy feat, so there’s no doubt that this is a truly unique chance for anyone who’s ready to show off their talent to the world.

Where will the festivals be?

    • The winning artist will be gifted with the chance to play at:
    • – Center of Gravity, Kelowna, BC, July 28-30
    • – Chasing Summer, Calgary, AB, August 5-6
    • – Moonrise Festival, Baltimore, MD, August 12-13
    • – Summer of Sound, Winnipeg, MB, August 13

All of these festivals, which take place from mid-July to mid-August, bring new crowds to their stages that make for an ideal setup for any DJ ready to expand their audience base.

The tour will be held four times a year, shelling out this chance for major exposure to four different artists and potentially bringing some of the next big names in the industry to light.

How do you, as an artist, enter?

It’s simple – create a profile on AGNT, then upload a 90-120 second audition video that demonstrates why you should win the tour. Show your style, your dedication, your creativity – what makes you stand out?