GE Releases Commercial Featuring New Gryffin Single


We all know EDM stands for ‘electronic dance music’. It is then safe to say you can’t have EDM without having ‘music’ that you can ‘dance’ to. A similar case can be made to say you can’t have EDM without ‘electricity’. Perhaps this is why GE, producer of over a third of the world’s power, has teamed up with electronic music artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Gryffin to release an original track, titled ‘Illuminate‘, depicting the many parts of the power grid through music and movement.

The video commercial featuring Gryffin’s track launches today on GE’s YouTube and Facebook pages, featuring talented dancers led by Cynthia Geffon, who has experience in choreographing for artists like Prince, Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Madonna. This group of dancers use their bodies to emulate how energy produced from sources like wind, solar and gas moves through GE’s electric grid. The dancers illustrate several scenes including how a power outage is quickly resolved.

The film was shot on high-end digital cinema cameras, including two RED Epics and a Phantom ultra-slow motion camera, capable of capturing video at thousands of frames per second. Additionally, the visual effects team developed a cutting edge performance capture system based on a combination of the Lightcraft Prevision and Microsoft Kinect depth sensors to record the movements of the dancers in three dimensions.

World energy demand is expected to grow by 78% by 2040, but we know our readers’ demand for new mind-blowing music grows by quantities well over that each and every day, so quench that need and check out GE’s commercial above.