5 Tracks to Get You Hyped for Splash House June 2017

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Splash House is swiftly approaching and we couldn’t be more excited. Their series of pool parties is getting us extremely hyped to be going back to the desert with all of our friends. We decided to spotlight some of the tunes from the artists heading the bill this year.

1.’Crooked Colors’ – Thomas Jack

Thomas Jack takes you through a spiritual daydream in his ‘Crooked Colors.’ The track he has built is entrancing yet is abruptly halted by blaring synths that aid as the perfect weapon to bring anyone firmly out of a daydream and back into this irresistible groove.

2. ‘Bullseye’ – Anna Lunoe

Anna Lunoe’s ability to soothe is uncanny in this one; even from the intro we are able to zone right in. With her soothing vocals and refined percussion, Lunoe sets up a perfect contrast for the Dubstep drop that fires right off.

3. ‘Prophecy’ – Malaa

Tchami and Malaa have teamed up to produce their newest epic banger, ‘Prophecy’. The track is filled with futuristic beats and is accompanied by a teeth chattering drop that is sure to tug at any reservations you may have about letting go. Showing no signs of stopping, the steady sounds Malaa provides are a perfect gateway to the funky surprises sprinkled throughout the track.

4. ‘Last Night In The City’ – Tokimonsta

Tokimonsta effortlessly combines hardstyle claps with infectious grooves in her track ‘Last Night in the City.’ The track features gorgeous melodies and soft piano keys that provide only a small rest before Tokimonsta keeps you moving throughout.

5. ‘To Be Free’ – L D R U

L D R U certainly provides a stunning definition of what it’s like to be free with this new track, appropriately titled ‘To Be Free.’ The medley of smooth vocals pairs perfectly with its outspoken drop, resulting in an enormous sonic juxtaposition. L D R U is able to paint pictures via your ear drums by pairing unique, tropical sounds with a breezy flow that easily lands as a essential summer track.

For more information including tickets and transportation, visit the Splash House Website.