Escapade Festival Mainstage Destroyed by Storms but Show Goes On

Canada’s Escapade Festival was faced with extraordinary circumstances this weekend, yet somehow the festival managed to continue despite the troubles. On June 25th a large storm was going to come through the Ottawa region where the festival was to take place. Instead of cancel the event organizers decided to monitor the storm and move people only when needed.

When the storm approached, the mainstage was closed and festivalgoers were diverted to shelter areas to ride it out. Unfortunately, the storm ripped apart their mainstage and damaged the equipment to the point that it could not be used for the event. From there event organizers scrambled to reshuffle the schedule using 2 smaller stages to allow the headliners to perform in a less than perfect scenario. Clearly, many festival attendees were annoyed with what happened, as they never got their mainstage and they got the entire schedule adjusted at the last minute. Originally the festival planned to cancel the event and give refunds on Sunday, but had changed that plan to allow the show to go on.

However Escapade Festival issued a lengthy statement detailing their struggles to keep the party going, so the fans should take note of the efforts expended for them. Check out the full statement below.