Science May Have Found Remedy To Hearing Loss

The age old problem of hearing loss has been around forever. It is usually something that just comes with old age but we in the dance community are becoming more aware that exposing yourself to a lot of very loud noises for a lot of time can do permanent damage to your ear. Even though our friends make jokes, many of us do actually wear ear plugs to our concerts. For those of us that don’t this might be welcome news.

Forever we thought hearing loss was permanent and irreversible but that may not be true. Some researchers at Indiana University have found that some cells in the body can be morphed into blank cells which could build functioning pieces of another body part. They call these pluripotent stem cells and scientists have been able to duplicate pieces of the inner ear. Trials have been done but this research is not ready for human testing yet. Let’s hope they can make some headway here and keep us all raving for the rest of our lives.

Source: Gizmodo