HARD Summer Embraces Girl Power in 2017 Trailer

Out of all of the HARD events, HARD Summer might be the biggest. Headed by Gary Richards, better known as Destructo, the annual fest draws a massive crowd with an eclectic lineup to Southern California. The trailer for this annual festival has become quite the production and features artists playing the event in interesting and rather comical scenarios.

This year is the 10-year anniversary of HARD Summer and the lineup as well as the trailer for this year took an opportunity to highlight new female producers. The trailer’s director Agata Alexander addressed the lack of women on festival lineups and her intent of the video:

I decided that I wanted powerful male artists to do something crazy to make a point. It’s important for men to step forward and support women as loud as they can. We need that. I figured let’s turn the table and put the men through the ringer. It catches your attention as the absurdity of the situation becomes more clear and it’s important that the fans of these men look at the video and hopefully understand what’s wrong with our world.”

The video features male producers Party Favor, Claude VonStroke, Kayzo, DJ Snake, and What So Not as “girls” that are exploited to promote a female-friendly direction by sketchy festival promoter Harvey. Comical, but not far from the truth. And it’s not until actual female producers Cray, Uffie, KITTENS, and Anna Lunoe that the sleazy promoter is shut down with the fake-breasted gimmick.

This year’s festival is set up for massive success with an insane lineup featuring hip hop, dance, and some seriously powerful female acts. You can check out this year’s trailer and lineup below. If you don’t have tickets, get them quickly because this fest will be here in no time and it’s not one to miss!