Porter Robinson Shoots Down Fake Track Leak

porter robinson

Porter Robinson Leak? Not So Fast

We haven’t had new music from Porter Robinson (besides “Shelter”) in years, though we’ve heard many rumblings about how amazing his new material is. A few months back Porter’s Google Drive account was supposedly leaked and the internet has been full of interesting finds from it.

Today the internet was set ablaze with a purported leak of new Porter Robinson material, but Porter is way too controlled to allow something like that to actually happen. The track can be listened to here, but it’s nothing more than another Worlds imitation track. It certainly has that Worlds sound to it, but Porter was quick to shoot it down.

Alas, the wait for new Porter material will continue. If you remember the lead up to Worlds, you’ll recall that Porter Robinson does not allow leaks or previews. We will have to wait until he is ready for us to hear his new music. At least he’s given us some confirmation that new music does indeed exist and really is coming.