EDMTunes Chats with Dante Klein

dante klein

Hi Dante, I know you were on a mini U.S. tour. How was that tour?

It was my first US tour and I really loved it. First I played SXSW in Austin and after that my first LA show at Avalon Hollywood. After that I enjoyed a week full of poolparty gigs in Miami during WMC. 

I am really intrigued by your choice of remaking ‘Turn Me On’ with Cheat Codes. What made you choose that classic song to put your musical touch on?

Well in Holland the original version of Kevin Lyttle’s Turn me on is still a big hit in the clubs. So I thought why not make a newer version people can enjoy. But I never thought a small idea like that would turn in to something that big. 

Having grown up with an interest in music, when did u know you wanted to pursue becoming a DJ/producer?

When I was about 12 I decided to start producing music which leaded to the fact I also wanted to become a DJ. It all got serious when I started at the Herman Brood Academy when I was 17. 

What were some of the best things you encountered on your visit to Miami Music Week?

This week was so much fun! I played a lot of poolparty’s and there were so many friends and colleagues. The Spinnin’ records party’s were the best in my opinion. 

What has been the most interesting country you have played in? Any countries you hope to visit soon?

For me it has to be Mexico and Taiwan that I played last week. I love to see different cultures and explore new city’s I’ve never been to before so I have to say those were the best till now. I really hope to play Australia and South Africa soon! 

What has been some of the best food you have had on tour?

Haha that must be in Los Angeles. So many good restaurants. My favorite now would be Pace and Koi. 

What are some future plans for Dante? Do you plan on any major collaborations in the near future?

 I finished so many new songs and my next single will be a big collaboration for sure! I’m not allowed to tell you the artist yet but it will be a big one:)