Major Lazers Song “Lean On” Hits 2 Billion Views

If there was ever an award for pop song of the century it would probably go to “Lean On” which was the biggest hit made by Major Lazer, DJ Snake and MO. In 2015 this song took over festivals, the dance scene and the entire world. Anyone who didn’t know Major Lazer and DJ Snake did after this track as this song is the epitome of the newest subgenre we are hearing that is a perfect blend between dance and pop music.

The song has just reached a new milestone, it now has over 2 billion views on Youtube. That’s 2 billion, with a ‘B.’ Yep, take a second to think of how many times people across the globe have had to hit play on this single video to reach this number. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this song on making possibly one of the biggest hits of all time. If you want to add to that view count you can watch the music video for “Lean On” below.