Kill The Noise Gets Roasted On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Image result for chris rock on jimmy fallonThey say any publicity is good publicity right? Kill The Noise recently shared a clip on Facebook of Jimmy Fallon‘s “Do Not Play List” segment on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He earned an honorable mention on the list. Comedian Chris Rock even chipped in on the roast of the eccentric Dillon Francis collab ‘Dolphin on Wheels‘ by poking fun at its equally eccentric album art. The Lisa Frank-esque cover features a dolphin riding on a hoverboard whilst sipping Lean aka “Sizzurp.”

Rock hilariously dubs the track “Dolphins On Crack” after listening to a 15-second bite of the song. Not a lot of DJ’s can say that their music has made it to late night, nonetheless been roasted by Chris Rock. Kill The Noise saw the glass half full as he captioned the clip as “The greatest achievement of our careers 😭😭😭😭😭🐬🐬🐬” with a tag of Dillon Francis. If you listen closely, it’s safe to say the audience sure seemed to have taken a liking to the 15-second clip of the nutty track.