Study says Mushrooms are The Safest Drug in the World

Did you ever think that “safe” and “drug” would be used together in the same sentence, nonetheless, the same concept? In a paradoxical twist of events, a recent Study has shown that mushrooms are in fact the safest drug you can take.

It’s no secret that Magic Mushrooms have the power to evoke epiphanic and spiritual experiences within the psychedelic trips that they invoke. Due their psychedelic and therapeutic properties they been the subject of scientific inquiry in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Despite their dosage being carefully controlled in a lab environment, mushroom’s street recreational use has actually been found to be the safest. The Annual Global Drug Survey has revealed that mushrooms are the safest recreational drug you can consume. You heard right.

The data is based off of a global poll that asked 120,000 participants in 50 countries about their drug and alcohol use. They focused on the rate of emergency medical attention. That rate was five to six times lower for mushrooms than other hard level street drugs such as LSD, cocaine, MDMA, and even alcohol. The rate of weed-related emergency medical care was just 3 times higher than mushrooms, making mushrooms safer than rolling a spliff.

Global Drug Survey Founder and consultant addiction psychiatrist Adam Winstock states, “Magic mushrooms are one of the safest drugs in the world.” The greatest risk involved in consumption is knowing how to choose the proper type of mushroom. Additionally, proper dosing techniques are necessary to invoke the desired effect.

Taking mushrooms, like taking any other drug requires a self-awareness about one’s own physical and mental limits. When under the right conditions and environment, mushrooms can provide a transformative and fun experience for the user.

The 2017 Global Drug Survey Report is a helpful and honest guide to promote discussions about drug use and safety awareness. You can click here for the full report. Above all, being informed and safe about drugs is the best thing that you can whether you choose to do drugs or not.