DJ Snake Quietly Returns to Social Media

dj snake

Hot on the heels of some concerning news that DJ Snake had cancelled more performances, we have received a glimmer of hope for the heavy hitter. The biggest worries surrounding DJ Snake came from the deletion of his Twitter and other social media accounts. It appears that Snake quietly returned to Twitter and Instagram, but you probably wouldn’t have noticed.

For some reason, although his accounts are restored you will find that you aren’t still following him on Twitter. At first it was unclear whether these were authentic accounts or not, because the Twitter follower numbers are substantially smaller than you would expect. As of the time of this writing, his Twitter sits at 111k followers and neither account has any posts after May 19. Questions still remain, but at least this is a sign that it is not as serious or permanent as some had feared. You can find him back on Twitter here and IG here as well.