Galaxy Note 8 Leak Will Make You Forget the iPhone

galaxy note 8

Another day another ho-hum iPhone 8 leak. For all the hype, have you been that excited by the mock-ups you’ve seen? So far the designs are not exactly dropping jaws. Sure there’s the shiny new Galaxy S8 that is undoubtedly the sexiest phone you could buy right now. However, Samsung is still preparing a Galaxy Note 8. Assuming you forgive them for the Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy Note 8 might just take the style crown when it’s released.

A Twitter user is showing off what purports to be the front glass panel of a Galaxy Note 8, and wow is it nice. So much screen real estate with none of those annoying bezels. Apparently the Note 8 will come in at a whopping 6.4in, which is basically a tablet. The real deal is coming this fall, so we’ll see how it fares against the iPhone.

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