WTF: Porter Robinson’s Family Reviews Oreos on YouTube

Oreo Robinson

Oreo Graveyard

File this one under WTF. The Robinson family uploaded a series of Youtube videos under the ‘Oreo Graveyard’ account. The videos feature Porter Robinson’s dad and brother judging all of the diverse oreo flavors. I found these videos pretty funny, especially because I love cookies. Their dad is really funny too and his facial expressions are even better. Of course you have to give credit to Reddit who managed to dig this up.

For those that don’t know, Mark Robinson (young gent on the right) was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma in November and he’s been fighting it ever since. He even said in one of the videos that the chemotherapy affects his taste buds but Mark still gives us a good analysis of every Oreo out there. The good news is Mark recently completed chemotherapy and Twitter assures us that he’s been feeling a lot better. He’s even working on a new project with Porter and responds to a joke about the Oreo videos.

Watch a sample of the cookie testing below and feel free to view the rest on the channel!