Calvin Harris Teases Another Single

Get ready for some more Calvin Harris music! While “Heatstroke” is still on repeat on our playlists, it seems like Calvin Harris has no intention in taking a break anytime soon. The Scottish producer has already released two massive singles in just 2017 alone and it looks like he intends to drop a third single very soon.

Harris has been on a tare with impressive collaboration with music’s biggest names. His first single, “Slide“, dropped in February and featured vocals by Frank Ocean and Migos. Harris collaborated with Young Thug, Ariana Grande and Pharrell Williams for his second single, “Heatstroke”. With “Heatstroke” released less than two week ago, Harris is already hinting at a third single. The DJ went to his Snapchat yesterday to announce that a “Part 3” is on it’s way. Stay tuned as more info from his next single unravels in the coming weeks.

Part 3